Saturday, 24 November 2018

Trip to Muriwai Beach

On the 15th November all the Year 3 classes went to Muriwai as part of our learning around our Inquiry Topic - Environment.
We went to look at the coastal landscape, plants and animals. At this time of the year the gannets are nesting on the cliffs and it was a great opportunity to go and observe these amazing birds.

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Global World

We have been lucky to have had several parents visit our class over the last week. They came to share some of their own culture and background with the class. We have learnt lots about some of the other countries that children in our class come from and we have particularly enjoyed sampling some delicious food from these countries.

Mrs Jones talked about her own Dutch heritage and brought some dutch biscuits to try. The children found the dutch wooden clogs very interesting and wondered how comfortable they would be to wear.

Quinn's Mum came and talked about Quinn's family that come from Samoa. She showed how to blow into a large shell that is used for special occasions and we enjoyed the cocoa drink and the taro chips she brought for us to try.

Reza's mum came to talk to us about Iraq and Reza showed us how he prays using his special prayer mat. The little patties made with potato flour and mince meet were especially delicious.

Elizabeth's parents came and talked about South Africa and the Philippines. They taught us a simple action song. Elizabeth had written out the instructions for her favourite meal of roti, spiced chicken, lettuce and feta cheese. It was very popular with everyone. 

Lucas's Mum came to talk to us about Korea. Amy also brought her special Korean clothes to show us. We enjoyed playing the Korean elastic game and sampling the chocolate treats and the Korean chips. The Korean clothes are very colourful.